April 01, 2017

... to another book blog! 

Can my blog really add anything to the many many fantastic voices already out there in the book blogosphere? Maybe not, but I've been really inspired by booktube to share more of my bookish life and thoughts, and since I'm not ready to have my face (and voice!) so out there I'm hoping to achieve that by blogging here instead. 
I'm planning to share TBR lists, book hauls (including library loans), books I've read or am currently reading, favourite bookish bits and pieces, and perhaps the occasional meme that takes my fancy. Mostly I'm just looking forward to having somewhere to record my bookish thoughts.

Xo Bron

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  1. Your blog will be a fantastic voice to SA stalker. =P

    I'm ready to stalk every single post now!
    ♥ Star