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May 16, 2019

I was one of those girls who was absolutely crazy about horses when I was a kid. I spent hours studying books about the different breeds, and how to look after your own horse, and what were all the parts of a horse called, and anything I could get my eyeballs one. I had my own pony and went to pony club and subscribed to equestrian magazines. And of course I read as much horsey fiction as I could get my hands on. 

I was probably a bit on the older end for the Saddle Club books (and the tv show definitely wasn't out yet) but I loved them, and I read and reread my mum's old books from when she was a horse-obsessed kid too (My Friend Flicker, National Velvet, The Green Grass of Wyoming and loads more). There is just something about a 'girl and her horse' story for the tween-ish audience, and if I'm completely honest I still find them hard to resist! So, for my fellow equestrian fangirls, today I have a mini stack of three Australian horsey middle-grade books to show you!

These three were all sent to me by their publishers.
The Promise Horse came out last year from Walker books - you can see my review here, and the Q&A I did with author Jackie Merchant here.
I am currently reading Dream Riders: Frankie (out this month from Walker books) - it's a contemporary story set in Australia, and like The Promise Horse, the protagonist is dealing with a bunch of changes and family issues alongside the horsey stuff. I think this is a really nice way to start to include some heavy issues for young readers, and I'm looking forward to seeing how everything plays out for Frankie and her pony Zen.
The third title in my little stack here is Horse Warrior, which is a fantasy book (also out this month, from Harbour Publishing) that I'm also hoping to get to this month as part of my Aussie middle-grade May reading.

So now, I'd love to know in the comments - do you have any favourite horsey books? What else should I add to my reading list?

xo Bron

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  1. This makes me think of the Saddle Club. Yesss. I love horsie books! ♥