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November 09, 2019

Now that we're inside of 50 days to go until Christmas I wanted to start sharing some books that I think would make beautiful gifts for kids, starting with the gorgeous The Secret Lives of Unicorns by Dr Temisa Seraphini and Sophie Robin (from Walker Books)

If you thought unicorns were strictly imaginary, think again.
Anatomy, evolution, life cycle, magical properties: prepare to learn just how much you didn't know you didn't know about unicorns. Dive into the life's work of famed unicornologist Professor Temisa Seraphini with this beautiful, fully-illustrated encyclopedic volume of unicorn knowledge. Meet species from the fjords of the north to the unforgiving deserts of the equator as you discover the wonders of this enchanting creature from past to present.

This books is so divine. The hard cover has silver detailing, which makes it feel extra special before you even open it, and the illustrations are so beautiful - just look at those beautiful endpapers!

Inside, Dr Temisa Seraphini shares everything you ever wanted to know about unicorns, from the evolution of the six different species of unicorn through information about their anatomy and magic, unicorns in history, and how to track and communicate with unicorns. Like I mentioned above, the illustrations are are really lovely and every page is a delight.

I really think this one is a perfect book to give as a present to the unicorn lover in your life. The gorgeous presentation makes it extra special, and I think the way the information is presented would make it perfect for reading out loud together.
Huge thanks to the team at Walker Books for sending this one our way!

xo Bron

The Secret Lives of Unicorns by Dr Temisa Seraphini and Sophie Robin
Out now from Walker Books
Source: Thanks so much to Walker Books Australia for sending us this copy
Category: Picture book, mythology
Format: Hardcover, 61p 
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