Cosy Reading Night :: April 2017

April 23, 2017

Cosy reading night is a virtual readathon hosted by Lauren from Lauren and the Books, and it is just as wonderful as it sounds! An evening dedicated to reading and cosiness? Sign me up!

Tonight is the third cosy reading night, and the second that I will be participating in, and it has been so much fun getting my cosy reading supplies together!


Let's take a closer look at what I consider cosy reading night essentials!

First let's talk books and general cosiness (autocorrect wanted to call that General Cosiness!).


The middle book there - John Safran's true crime Murder in Mississippi - is my partner Sam's current read (he's joining in with cosy reading night too), and the others are mine. He tells me he only has 18 pages to go, but didn't want to decide in advance what to read next and will choose what he feels like then. ( ooooh mysterious!) 

My main book for tonight is The Witches of New York (by Ami McKay) - this is on loan from the library and I'm about halfway through (and loving it!). I'll be pretty happy if I get it at least mostly finished tonight. 

I have tomorrow off work and I'm planning to sneak in an extra cosy reading session in the afternoon so the second book - Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone - is for tomorrow if I finish the Witches tonight. It the first book in the Grisha trilogy and I'm really looking forward to reading it since I read and loved the Six of Crows books not too long ago and they are set in the same universe.

Also in the photo there you can see my new pjs, my cosy colourful quilt and my favourite bookish candle (Enchanted Library by Form and Flux from Nook and Burrow).

Essential for any kind of cosy night is a hot beverage, and we'll start with coffee before moving onto some tea - either the Unicorn Blood blend from West End Tea Co ( it's a mix that includes lavender, ginger, apple, cardamom, anand rosella, which gives it an amazing bright red colour) or the twinings Digest blend of peppermint and licorice - I love this because it has a proper licorice flavour which I haven't really come across in many Australian teas. Oooh, and I picked up a new mug especially for tonight - I do love a curvy mug for extra cosiness.


And then, of course, there's food. 


These are our snacky options. I am obsessed with this sweet and salty popcorn! We also have the last of the Easter chocolate, and these cute Aristocats cookies I baked with my 3 yr old daughter this afternoon.

So, that's my plan for reading night!
If you're joining I'd love to hear what you've got planned, or if not, I'd still love to know if you have favourite ways to make your reading sessions cosy.

Happy reading!

Bron x




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