On reviewing and recommending and writing about books

April 28, 2017

 So, here's a thing: so far I've shared a few hauls and to read lists, but I'm also really keen to share my thoughts on specific books that I've read. The thing that's holding me back so far is that I don't know quite how to write about them.

I do try to write at least a tiny bit in the review section of Goodreads after I finish a book, and I'd like to expand on that here. I don't tend to read 'reviews', and plot summaries etc isn't really what I'm after. I'm thinking something more along the lines of how a book made me feel, why I picked it up in the first place, and whether there are read-alikes (where I would recommend reading one if you enjoyed the other), because these are the kinds of things I like to talk about when discussing books with friends, and maybe writing here will help me remember.

In any case, hopefully there'll be some book discussions coming here soon!

(Ps the picture is from a little secondhand bookshop & tea shop adventure we went on yesterday ❤️)

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  1. Those topics sound pretty good to me with review writing!
    That's what I look for, too, when I read reviews. (That and I like to feel justified in how I feel about something if someone else dislikes what I like. Because I'm a secret Butt.)