Where Shadows Rise :: Amy Laurens

June 13, 2017

I love seeing authors speak about their books and their writing process (actually, I love hearing about any artists' creative process!) so I jumped at the chance to go along to the launch of local Canberra author Amy Laurens' new book "Where Shadows Rise". And, I was so glad I did! The launch was a lot of fun - Amy spoke really beautifully about what it takes to get book to the shelves, and what being author means to her. We had got to know each other a little bit online in the few weeks leading up to the launch, and I have to say she was even more lovely in real life than I had expected =). Ooh, and also, the food was amazing haha


Of course I bought a copy of Where Shadows Rise for Amy to sign on the night - as if I could say no to that cover! I read it in just two or so sittings the following weekend, and really enjoyed it!


I should start by saying that I've recently noticed that I find the first person present POV a bit annoying, especially with a young protagonist, HOWEVER I got so caught up in the plot of this book that I didn't even notice! It felt original and fast paced, and I couldn't wait to find out what happened next! There were a few places where I would have liked a bit more info/background, and I definitely read Edge and Gem as older than 13, but I am so pleased that this is a series because I am looking forward to reading about what they get up to next!

I gave it 3/5 stars (I need the sequel NOW please!)


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