Review :: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe - Benjamin Alire Sáenz

July 02, 2017

Earlier this month you helped me chose which book to read for the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge task 'read a YA or middle grade book by an author who identifies as LGBTQ'. I'm running a few days behind, but this weekend I finally got to Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe  by Benjamin Alire Sàenz.


This book is possibly the most beautiful thing I have read. It's kind of a coming of age story and a little bit a coming out story, but mostly it's a celebration of how beautiful friendship can be, how hard we can be on ourselves, and how blind to how much the people around us love us. How on the inside we can feel really inadequate, but to our loved ones we are enough. It is just perfection

I gave this all the stars (and a couple of tissues too)!

Xo Bron

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