Hello October

October 02, 2017

Hello everyone! Welcome to October!

September turned into one of those months for me, but I did manage heaps of reading and also quit a few events, so I have loads to share with you. I thought the best way to get the blog ball rolling again would be a bit of a chat about what's been happening here, and my plans for the rest of the year (because it is October already!).

So, like I said, I have done lots of reading in September, and that means I have a whole bunch of reviews to share. I'm hoping to get one up here every few days for the month of October, because I have plans for a Christmas bookapalooza here on the blog in November. I know that seems kind of early, but I have loads of Christmassy books to review, and want to make sure I share my thought on them with you in time for you to build a decent festive TBR for December. The plan is to catch up on all my reviews for non-Christmassy books this month so that I'm ready to go at the start of November.


Reviewing has been a massive part of my reading since I signed up at NetGalley and started this blog in about April. There's a few reasons for this - partly I really didn't expect to get approved for nearly as many books as I have (and for so many of them to be so good!), and also I have felt a bit of pressure to get my reviewing established to improve my chances of being approved for the books I'm interested in. That said, I have stuck to my intention to only review here books that I have enjoyed and would recommend - there really haven't been any books that I haven't liked, or seen enough good in to talk about here. 

Next year I'm planning to drop right back on the number of reviews I do - I'll probably aim for about 2 per month - which will give me more time to read some of the amazing titles on my TBR shelves, and also to talk about other bookish content here. 


I also mentioned events. Let me tell you, the number of amazing book events in Canberra over the last month or so, and the stuff still planned for the rest of the year, is incredible. Last week I had 3 events! I'm hoping to write up a bit about some of those too, so keep an eye out here - or on Instagram where I post much more regularly about what is going on in my bookish life (I'm @bookishbron there).

Speaking of Instagram, Book Riot's #riotgrams photo challenge is back for the month of October, and I'm looking forward to both participating and checking out my fellow riotgrammers' pictures.


That's it from me for right now, but watch this space for those reviews etc coming soon!

Xo Bron

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