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May 18, 2018

I've raved here before about how much I love Lynette Noni's Medoran Chronicles (and about how lovely she was when we met her at last year's Sydney Writer's Festival), so it is probably no surprise that I was busting to read her newest novel, Whisper - and I was super excited when the people at Pantera Press sent me a copy. (I love that cover! The US cover is super striking too!)

Whisper is a YA sci-fi book, with a fantasy feel, and is the first in a new series for Lynette. One of my favourite things about the Medoran Chronicles is the way she writes characters and their relationships, and we are treated to more of that in this one - although those characters do find themselves in perhaps a more sinister setting.
We know almost nothing about the protagonist ('Jane Doe') or her situation when we start, and I felt like the story unfolded really well. The pacing felt perfect, and I really enjoyed getting to know Jane as the book progressed. I loved that we learned more about Jane as the people around her did, but more about the situation as Jane learned what was going on.
This book had a some twists and surprised me a couple of times.  I found the ending pretty satisfying,  but can't wait for the next one to come out because I really want to know what comes next!

I gave this one 4/5 stars! It felt like a fresh idea, and I think it's a must read for fans of the Medoran Chronicles, as well as anyone looking for some #loveozya sci-fi, or a story set in a 'gritty underbelly' of Sydney!

xo Bron

Whisper is out now from Pantera Press, who kindly sent me a free copy. 
All opinions here are my own.

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