TBR :: long weekend mini readathon

May 26, 2018

I spend so much of my reading time on new release books that the things I've had on my TBR shelf for a bit longer often get neglected. This week we have a long weekend in Canberra, and I thought it might be fun to dedicate my reading on these three days to some of the #loveozya books I've been meaning to get to but keep passing by in favour of new releases.
It's the very end of autumn here, which makes for pretty perfect reading weather, and so I'm hoping to get through three books over the course of the weekend...

 The three #loveozya novels I've chosen are all ones I've picked up after seeing authors speak at events - all three at the Sydney Writers' Festival All Day YA, in fact! I saw James Bradley and Sarah Ayoub at last year's event, and Sarah (again) and Tamar Chnorhokian were both on the panel about diversity in YA this year (which, by the way, I'm hoping to write here about over the next few days!).

I can tell you I'm off to a good start on this reading goal - I'm writing this on Saturday night and today managed to read The Silent Invasion (I thought it was really good and am keen to get my hands on the sequel now!)

I'm planning to start Hate is Such a Strong Word next, and then The Diet Starts Monday after that.

We have another long weekend coming up in two weeks from now, so if this goes well I might try the same again then - I'd love to know if any of my Aussie friends are keen to join me for a Queen's Birthday readathon then!

xo Bron

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