#HERSTORY preview :: The Daughter of Victory Lights :: Kerri Turner

February 06, 2020

Yesterday I talked a bit about dropping books around Canberra's public transport for Books on the Rail, and one of the books I talked about was Kerri Turner's new historical fiction novel, The Daughter of Victory Lights (I was lucky enough to have a few of these gorgeous signed by the author copies to distribute yesterday). 

The Daughter of Victory Lights also happens to be the featured book in Harper Collins/HQ Books #HERSTORY: Women Who Rebel campaign for the month of February. Harper Collins kindly sent me copies of all of the #HERSTORY books, so I'll be reading this one next week, and sharing my review soon after - and I can't wait (I've been hearing good things already!).

Here's the book's synopsis from the publisher's website (and you can check it out on Goodreads here):

1945: After the thrill and danger of volunteering in an all-female searchlight regiment protecting Londoners from German bombers overhead, Evelyn Bell is secretly dismayed to be sent back to her rigid domestic life when the war is over. But then she comes across a secret night-time show, hidden from the law on a boat in the middle of the Thames. Entranced by the risqué and lively performance, she grabs the opportunity to join the misfit crew and escape her dreary future.
At first the Victory travels from port to port to raucous applause, but as the shows get bigger and bigger, so too do the risks the performers are driven to take, as well as the growing emotional complications among the crew. Until one desperate night ...

1963: Lucy, an unloved and unwanted little girl, is rescued by a mysterious stranger who says he knows her mother. On the Isle of Wight, Lucy is welcomed into an eclectic family of ex-performers. She is showered with kindness and love, but gradually it becomes clear that there are secrets they refuse to share. Who is Evelyn Bell?
I'm so looking forward to this book - keep an eye for my review soon!
In the meantime, I'll be back in the next few days with my review of January's book, Tea Cooper's The Girl in the Painting.

xo Bron

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  1. This book has been popping up everywhere on my social media feeds!
    I hope you like it when you get to it! 💜