May library books

May 07, 2017

What is it with library holds all coming in at the same time? Some of these I've had on hold since last December, maybe even earlier! And then, just when I was feeling smug for having only one book out, a couple came in at once (and I picked up a few extras too!)

One of the books in the stack (The Secret Keeper) I have read (I loved it!) and it will go back to the library tomorrow - I also have Sidekicks by Wil Kostakis waiting for me to pick up. Goodwood and The Atomic Weight of Love I put holds on ages ago, Cooper Bartholomew I grabbed straight from a friend who was returning it on our way to lunch and raved about it. The Virgin Cure I picked up because it tells the story of one of the characters from The Witches of New York  and The Circle (not the Emma Watson movie one) because I wanted to read some YA in translation. 

So that's my May library stack (and kind of also my May TBR since there's definite enough there to keep me busy for the rest of the month!)

Bron x

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