Cosy Reading Night

April 20, 2018

Happy Friday everyone!
I'm extra excited this week, since it's my birthday next week AND I have the whole of next week off, PLUS I have something bookish to look forward to every weekend from now until mid-May.
On top of all those reasons to be excited,  today is AUTUMN COSY READING NIGHT!

Cosy Reading Night is a readathon hosted by the lovely Lauren from Lauren and the Books. While readathons are often about reading as much as you can over a set time, I feel like cosy reading night is about making a special effort to enjoy your reading time - setting aside some time to getting comfortable and just reading. Lauren hosts (virtually) a number of cosy reading nights across the year - obviously autumn is the best time for cosy reading, which makes this one even more lovely than usual.

I thought it would be fun to share my cosy reading night essentials for tonight - I did the same last April, if anyone is interested in looking back you can see it here =)


Obviously you need a book.  I just started The Last of the Bonegilla Girls, which I am loving. I thought I might also start Terra Nullius - I have tickets to see Claire G Coleman at the Sydney Writers' Festival on 5 May, so I definitely want to read it by then. I don't always like to have more than one book on the go, but I do think its nice sometimes to have a physical book as well as an e-book.

Then there's the snacks. Popcorn is perfect because it probably isn't going to leave fingerprints on your pages haha. This sweet and salty one is my absolute favourite. I also picked up some cheese and crackers - any excuse for cheese! I do love a hot beverage when I'm reading, and since I'm trying to cut down on caffeine later in the day I'm going with tea instead of coffee (and will switch to herbal if i want more than one), and I'm drinking out of my favourite bookish mug - the reading unicorns (from Evie Seo).

And then to make it extra hyggelig, a candle (preferably bookish - I LOVE this Bakery one that came in a subscription box from The Banksia Librarian) and a cosy blanket or quilt.

This time I have one extra special bookish bit for my cosy reading night - for my birthday I treated myself to my very first  Book Forest Crate subscription box and - perfect timing - it arrived today! I've saved it to open tonight.

I'd love to hear from anyone else who is joining in with cosy reading night this time around!

 xo Bron

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