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June 19, 2018

1948. The world is struggling to regain a sense of balance after the devastation of World War II, and the sugar cane–growing community of Piri River in northern Queensland is no exception.
As returned servicemen endeavour to adjust to their pre–war lives, women who had worked for the war effort are expected to embrace traditional roles once more.

Burning Fields had so many of my favourite things - a female protagonist fighting against tradition, a backdrop of societal change, family secrets, flashbacks to the past, and some sweet romance. Also, an excellent Nonna! So it's probably no wonder I loved it!

Sometimes I find I read things close together that complement each other - this was the case with Burning Fields and The Last of the Bonegilla Girls (which I read in April, and is also from Harlequin books). Both books deal with racism and post-war immigration to Australia, and I loved that each gave me a different (but related) perspective from this (approximate) time.

Alli Sinclair made me fall in love with her characters - I'm super keen to read her back list now!
(Any advice on where to start appreciated!)

xo Bron

***Burning Fields***
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Genre: Historical Fiction (Adult)
Source: Free book sent to me by Harlequin for review (all views are my own)
Read it if you loved: The Last of the Bonegilla Girls by Victoria Purman
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