The Trouble in Tune Town :: Maura Pierlot

June 05, 2018

With me being away a few weekends in a row at book events, Amelia was pretty interested in going to something bookish too. Lucky for us we didn't have to wait long for a suitable event to come up! The day after the Sydney Writer's Festival local Canberra author Maura Pierlot launched her new picture book - The Trouble in Tune Town - at the National Library of Australia.

The launch was SO MUCH FUN! To start with, the NLA is a gorgeous venue (just look at those windows!), so it is probably hard to go wrong! This event went above and beyond, with a performance by a children's orchestra as well as a bunch of craft activities - tambourine making, colouring, and making a door hanger - all of which Amelia loved. 


Maura was super lovely - the kids all enjoyed having the story read aloud to them, and having a chat while she signed books afterwards.

The book itself is super sweet! It is about a young girl who is avoiding practicing her music because she is afraid of making a mistake, and eventually figuring out that the important thing is to have fun and find the joy in what you are doing. The story is lovely to read aloud, and we loved the illustrations (by Sophie Norsa) AND the message.

Overall, it was a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and Amelia had a perfect introduction to the world of bookish events!

xo Bron

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