Read Harder Challenge update

December 10, 2017

Yesterday I started reading Katie Fforde's new Christmas short story collection, The Christmas Stocking and Other Stories. 

I picked this up not only because I'm all about the festive reads at the moment, but also because it does double duty by ticking off one of my outstanding tasks for the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge - Read a collection of stories by a woman.

And of course being able to check one more off my list is making me feel like I might actually be able to finish the challenge (because in my future planning imagination I can read at least 3 times quicker than in real life lol).

So far I have completed 15 of the 24 challenges, so after the Christmas Stocking there are still 8 more to read, some of which I have plans for, and some where I have absolutely no idea! I'll post a full wrap up at the end of the month/early January, but here are my remaining tasks with some plans. 

Here are the ones I'm sure about:

Read a book published between 1900 and 1950
Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier - this is at the very top of my TBR and I'm planning for it to be the first thing I read when I'm done with Christmas books (in fact, my friend and I have set it as our Christmas holiday reading homework!) Also, can you believe that out of all the books I read this year not a single one was published in that period?!

Read a YA or middle grade novel by an author who identifies as LGBTQ+
The Flywheel by Erin Gough - I saw Erin Gough speak on a panel about diversity in YA literature at the Sydney Writers' Festival and this one has been on my TBR ever since. Plus it's always a bonus if I can check off a task with a LoveOzYA book.

Read a book that has been banned or frequently challenged in your country
The Sidekicks byWill Kostakis - Will was another author I saw at the Sydney Writers' Festival and was inspired by. I'm not sure how 'official' the challenges to The Sidekicks have been, but I understand that a number of school libraries have refused to hold this book because of the main character being gay. Will also told us at the event I saw him at that he has been encouraged NOT to talk about this book when he has done school appearances, which is just so uncool!

And some where I have a vague idea...

Read a book set in Central or South America, written by a Central or South American author
Death Going Down by Maria Angelica Bosco - I've heard good things about this one, and my partner, Sam, read it for this task.

Read a collection of poetry in translation on a theme other than love
I thought I might read something by Rumi for this one

And then I really have no idea...

Read a nonfiction book about technology 

Read a classic by an author of colour

Read a book in which a character of colour goes on a spiritual journey 

Obviously I can't really read all of these before the end of the year, but I might try to finish up outstanding tasks in the new year - any advice welcome!

Xo Bron

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