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July 24, 2018

One of my favourite picture books this year has been Some Girls by Nelly Thomas and illustrated by Sarah Dunk - this was one of the kids' books that made it into the book stack I talked about in my first post on the Living Arts Canberra website. I think I first saw this one on Instagram, and as soon as I saw the cover I fell in love with it and knew we had to have it!

I actually think this is pretty close to the perfect picture book. The text in this one is fantastic - it is all about how all girls can be whatever they want, look however they want, wear whatever they want, like all kinds of things, be gross sometimes, be mad sometimes, and all girls are really good at something. I love love love it!

Along with the amazing message, I absolutely adore the illustrations. It is so important to me that when we read picture books the characters in them don't all look like us. You can see just from the cover Some Girls features girls from diverse backgrounds, as well as including girls with disabilities. This books has given us some great opportunities to talk about how people are different, but how really we are also the same.

My daughter is at pre-school this year, so I feel like she is right in that age group where the kids are talking a lot about gender stereotypes - this is only for girls, or only boys can do that - so this one has been great for us to do some busting of those sorts of comments. We'll definitely be getting a copy of the follow up book Some Boys, which is out now! Go out and get them, people!

xo Bron

*** Some Girls***
 Available now
Source: I rushed out and bought a copy after seeing the cover on Instagram and falling in love!
Age: 3+
Themes: Gender stereotypes, identity
Find Nelly Thomas and Sarah Dunk at Some Kids Books here

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