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July 13, 2018

I'm back today with another picture book review!
We love reading picture books so much, and I'm actually hoping to start sharing them here more regularly - I'm aiming for a weekly post (probably each Tuesday) on a favourite book (or maybe two) from the week. I have been sent a few picture books by publishers, so some of my posts will be reviews of those, and others will be books I've bought (there are so many gorgeous picture books around that I find it very hard to resist!). Like with the novels I review here, the picture books will be ones I've specifically requested because I think we'll enjoy them, and all of my thoughts and opinions are always my own.

So, back to today's gorgeous book! This is one that we were kindly sent, by the wonderful people at Walker books (they have so many great titles around at the moment!), and that has been catching my eye whenever I see it in store when I'm book shopping.

The title is Tropical Terry, by Jarvis, and we are both obsessed with the beautiful bright illustrations!
Tropical Terry is a sweet story about friendship and being yourself - some of my favourite themes for kids' books. Terry feels like the plainest fish on the coral reef, and none of the fancy fish want to play with him. After jazzing himself up he suddenly finds himself popular, and leaves his old friends behind, because discovering that his old friends - and old self - were actually what he wanted all along.

In case you can't tell, we loved this. There is so much to look at in the beautiful illustrations, the messages about everyone being special are my favourite, and it was lovely to read out loud. We first read this one for World Ocean day, which was perfect. I think Tropical Terry is a good one across a wide age range, since those themes of friendship and 'cool kids' stick with us pretty much forever.

xo Bron

*** Tropical Terry***
 Available now
Source: Sent to me by Walker Books
Age: 3+
Themes: Friendship, belonging, identity
Find Jarvis here

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