#kidlit :: Backyard :: Ananda Braxton Smith and Lizzy Newcomb

July 31, 2018

I could tell by the cover that Backyard was going to be a gorgeous book, so I was delighted when Walker Books sent us a copy for review.

This one is an exploration of the sorts of things you might find in a backyard at dusk. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful, and the words are lyrical and read like poetry (but not in the rhyming poetry way of many kids' books) - with text like "one last-light dragonfly making infinite swooping eights" this one was also a great vocab builder for my mini-bookworm.

I feel like the joy of this book is in how lovely the words sound read-aloud, and how gorgeous the illustrations are, so I don't think it really has a minimum age for children to enjoy it. The gentle and peaceful tone of this book, along with the night time setting, and appearance of the moon at the end, make Backyard perfect for a bedtime story.

xo Bron

Available now
Source: Sent to me by Walker Books
Ages: 0+
Themes: Nature

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