Christmassy :: books and tea!

December 16, 2018

Ok, it's no secret that one of my favourite things to do to make a reading session feel more indulgent is to brew up a pot of special tea to sip while I read - especially around Christmas time! Every year I have so much fun trying any Christmas tea I can get my hands on, and this year I discovered Tea Garden Co, a small business making tea right here in Canberra. They have range of festive teas, and I couldn't resist picking up one of their sample boxes to  try them out. I thought it would be fun to match a couple to some Christmassy reads to share here today =)

 First up one of my very favourite Christmas books - The Christmas Cookie Club by Ann Pearlman. I first read this one a few years ago, and absolutely loved it! It's a story about a group of women who get together to swap cookies every Christmas, and it has all of the things I love in a story about women's friendships and lives.

I think the Gingerbread Man tea is perfect to go with The Christmas Cookie Club - probably for pretty obvious reasons! I really liked that you can actually taste the ginger in this, unlike some other ginger teas I've tried before - it makes it feel cosy and definitely Christmassy.

And for something a bit different to the usual wintry Christmas romances - Our Country Christmas, a collection of short stories by aussie romance authors, which I talked a bit about last week.

A big mug of hot tea just isn't quite right for an Australian summer story, so I followed  Tea Garden Co's tips to brew iced tea from their If Rudolph Was a Tea. It was so delicious - totally sweet and refreshing, but not too sweet. I had mine over ice and topped up with soda water, but I think it would be perfect with sparkling wine or even a bit of vodka! It's a really pretty shade of red, which makes it feel festive too!

I'd love to know if you try these, or if you have a favourite drink to go with your festive reading sessions!

xo Bron
This post isn't sponsored, I just really love these teas from Tea Garden Co!
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Our Country Christmas was kindly sent to me for review by Harlequin Books.

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